Good to know


The best time to cycle in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is between May to September. It’s recommended to come prepared for sunshine and rain and check the weather forecast ahead before you travel.

Safety on the roads

  • In the UK you must cycle on the left side of the road and it’s recommended to use cycling lanes if they are available. Cycle lanes will be marked by a white line and clear signposting will be in place to highlight the lane is available for cyclists.
  • When leaving a cycle lane check before pulling out that it is safe to do so and signal your intention clearly to other road users using arm signals.
  • We recommend you wear a cycle helmet which is the correct size and securely fastened.
  • Wear appropriate clothes for cycling and be prepared for sunshine and rain.
  • At night or when it is dark, you must have a white front and red rear lights on your bicycle.
  • For more information on the UK Highway Code for cyclists see the UK Gov website.

Bike hire, maintenance & support

Throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, you will find bike hire and shops that offer a wide range of bikes and maintenance. As part of your cycling package, bike hire is usually included. There may be an opportunity to change your standard bike hire to an electric bike should you want one. Please pick up with your tour operator to find out more detail.

Luggage transfer options

Luggage transfer is usually included in your holiday package. Please pick up with your tour operator check and find out further details. 


Your tour operator should provide you with a map for your chosen package and route. Please pick up with your tour operator to check and find out further details. 

Cycling Apps

Although your tour operators will provide you with maps for your chosen package and route, you will also be able to download a GPX file and follow the route either on a mobile cycling App or a GPS device.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you have travel insurance even if it’s for a short trip.